Here are just some of the products the David Suddards Distributors can supply, if its golf related , I almost guarantee we can source it for you
Aluminium Flag Swivel
Anodised aluminium with plastic fasterners
Our exciting new econo-swivel with ABS hooks and stainless steel rod won’t rust or need any fasteners, and can fit various flags. Just snap on your flags into the adjustable hooks. It’s as easy as that!
Aluminium Greens Cup
Both our Aluminium and Plastic Cups (pictured right) are Grooved! These grooves allow sand to filter through. This helps prevent the flag pole’s ferrule from sticking in the cup. Plastic Cups are manufactured from the highest quality ABS with a green nylon insert for long lasting durability. Also available without nylon insert
Fibreglass Flag Poles
Flag Poles are available in our popular Day-Glo orange and yellow. Flag Poles can also be ordered in two-tone black/white and black/yellow (600mm from the base of the ferrule). Lengths available in 2m and 2,4m.
Nylon Flags
Quality Nylon Flags, rectangular or triangular, designed with triple stitching. Available in red, blue, white and yellow. These nylon Flags can be numbered or printed with your logo.* Size: 500mm X 400mm

* minimum order of 18
Golf Ball Washer
Manufactured to be positioned directly into the ground, our Tru-Putt ball Washer will last much longer as it is now fitted with a nylon inert to slow wear and tear on the spiral mechanism!
Drain- and Ball-type Tee Markers
A range of Tee-Markers which include Ball-Type, Cut-Off Type (150mmØ) and Umbrella Type (200mmØ). Can be powder coated in various colours.
This High Back Bench with powder coated green steel frame and cool-to-touch treated wooden slats, is sturdy, durable and will aesthetically blend in with the environment.
Custom Tees
Give your Tees prestige with these customised aluminium die-cast Custom Tee Markers powder coated in a colour of your choice! Ask us for a quote they are not as expensive as you think. (Minimum order required.)
Lawn Leveller
Aluminium Lawn Leveller with wooden handle distributes application material, removes stones from the soil, breaks apart small clods of soil and smooths soil for planting.
Hole Cutter
Lever Action Hole Cutter with Tufftride® QPQ processed scalloped blade which improves wear and tear and corrosion resistance.
Cup Hole Cleaner
This Cup Hole Cleaner removes debris from the hole before inserting your cup.
Heavy Drag Mat
Galvanised steel Heavy Duty Drag Mats, 1m X 1.3m, is ideal for spreading sand and seed mix with even distribution on greens. Custom sizes available on order.
Aluminium Cup Setter
Powder coated aluminium Cup Setter which precisely places the greens cup 1 inch below the surface.
Hollow Tyning Fork
Durable, powder coated, three pronged Hollow Tyning fork.
We can supply :

Ball Washers, Bunker Rakes, Club Washers, Cups, Divot Mix Containers, Fixtures and Benches, Flags, Flag Sticks, Hazard Markers,, Hole Cutters & Shells, Maintenance & Turf Tools, Marking Paint, Practice Greens, Range Equipment & Accessories, Rope and Chain Stakes, Safety Equipment, Signage, Spike Cleaners, Tee Consoles, Tee Markers,Tee Towels and much more ....